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Teacher Training
(Couples and Large Groups)

Certification for Leading Couples and Large Group Sessions

The only thing more powerful than changing a life through a Breathwork Detox session is Changing a Group of Lives!

Welcome to Level 2 of Breathwork Detox Teacher Training! 
You Must complete the Breathwork Bootcamp Teacher’s Edition (Basics and Fundamentals) and Level 1 (starting your one-on-one practice) in order to gain eligibility for this step of the training. 
(You can purchase all three at same time for a discounted rate HERE)
This next step of the program will instill the confidence and tools you will need to gain certification to facilitate Breathwork Detox to the masses.

Imagine the gratitude and satisfaction you feel after helping one person through a Breathwork session. Now multiply that by x100. It's the same amount of time spent BUT a Waaaayyyyy bigger impact left on so many more souls.

Are you ready to make that type of HUGE IMPACT in this lifetime? If your heart is saying YES! Then Click "Enroll Now" to begin the application process. And if your heart is feeling a little worries! That’s why I built this training for you. 😉  


3 Steps To Becoming a Master Breathwork Detox Facilitator  


This includes: Level 2 Teacher Training which will certify you on How to Lead Couples and Large Groups

Cost: $1,697

(Savings of $0)


This includes: Level 1 Teacher Training (Creating a one-on-one Private Practice) + Level 2 certification on How to Lead Couples and Large Groups

Cost: $2,997

(Savings of $197)


This includes Everything:
Bootcamp Teacher's Edition (30-day challenge)
+ Level 1 (Creating a one-on-one Private Practice) + Level 2 (Leading Couples and Large Groups)

Cost: $3,497

(Savings of $694)

Here’s What’s Included in LEVEL 2 


  • ​Level 2 Overview
  • ​Ways To Get Out of Your Head
  • Difference between ​Sympathy, Empathy, and Compassion, and why that matters
  • ​​Introduction to STT (Self-Talk Therapy)
  • How to Set The "context" For Couple's Breathwork​ 
  • ​How to set up the “container” for Couple's Breathwork 
  • ​Powerful Exercises to use with Couples 
  • ​Preparing to go DEEP!
  • How to Logistically Prepare for Events
  • ​Choosing the Right Equipment (best speakers, gongs, headsets, etc)
  • Best Softwares To Use To Run Your Business Smoothly and Make Your Life Easier. 
  • What To Charge for Your Breathwork Sessions? 
  • How To Choose The Right Locations For Your Breathwork Events 
  • ​How To Build Your Team of Healers (how to best utilize them and compensate them)
  • ​​Creating Your Breathwork Checklist for a smooth event (Crucial) 
  • ​Managing Expectations
  • Managing Your Energy

Breathwork for Large Groups

  • ​How To Control The Space and Make The Room Yours
  • Suggested Packages and Prices (provided)
  • ​How to Get Instant Credibility and Respect BEFORE stepping on stage
  • ​How To Position each Attendee To Better Control The Energy In The Room
  • ​The Importence of Confidence and How To Generate It. 
  • How To Establish Authority with Your Audience
  • ​Creative Technique For Learning Everyone's Intention In The Room
  • How To Deal With Answering Questions (ones you know and ones you dont know) 
  • ​How to Get Instant Credibility and Respect BEFORE stepping on stage
  • ​How To Regain Control of The Room
  • ​Million Dollar Teaching TIPS
  • Learn All The Engaging Questions To Ask That Will Keep Your Audience HOOKED!
  • ​Learn All The Postures and Power Poses and When To Use Them
  • How To Structure Your Speaking When Talking to Large Audiences
  • ​How To Win or lose the Audience Within First 5 seconds
  • ​My Secret "Ice Breaker" Weapon


  • ​The Absolute Best Way To Transmute Your Fear (Backed by Harvard Study)
  • How To Deal With The inevitable Imposture Syndrome 
  • ​Learn All The Postures and Power Poses and When To Use Them
  • How To Structure Your Speaking When Talking to Large Audiences
  • ​How To Win or lose the Audience Within First 5 seconds
  • ​My Secret "Ice Breaker" Weapon
  • 3 Best Ways To Start Your Events
  • ​The Magic of Comedy and How To Best Use it
  • ​How To NOT be boring and Keep the Audience Engaged 
  • ​​How to Best Instruct Your On "How To Prepare" for Group Breathwork
  • How To Facilitate Group Breathwork 
  • How To Approach People In a Group Breathwork (Knowing who to touch and who not to touch) 
  • Everything To Look Out For When Facilitating a Group Breathwork
  • ​How To Best Handle Certain Situations When They Arise
  • ​How To Handle PANIC (special technique) 
  • ​​How To Best Navigate The Room
  • How Close Out a Group Breathwork 
  • How To Handle Negative Nancys and Karen's At Your Events. 
  • ​Post Breathwork TIPS (How to best Close out your Events)
  • ​You MUST Know Your Audience 
  • ​​Biggest public speaking mistakes (Don't make these mistakes)
  • Creating Your Rituals For Success
  • ​Tools To Control Your Mind When Needed (Life-Saver)


  • ​You MUST Know Your Customer (inside and out)
  • How To Become a MASTER Communicator and Stand In Your Power
  • Learn All The PROVEN Hand Gestures and Body Language To Enhance Your Stage Presence and Increase Responsiveness
  • ​How To Build Your Avatar and Attract Your Dream Clients 
  • ​​How To Best Communicate To Your Audience and Get Them To Take ACTION!
  • How To Find Your Tribe and Build Your Following
  • Speaking For Free? 
  • How To Fill Your Live Events!
  • My Shortcut To Success! (Shhhh)
  • How To Become a Master Teacher
  • ​The Power of The BAM FAM! 
  • Selling On Social Media
  • ​How To MAXIMIZE Revenue (You're gonna want to know this one)
  • The Absolute BEST People To Market To (Hands Down)
  • It's FINALLY Here. Now Introducing V.A.P (I never offered this before) 
  • Ethical Marketing 
  • ​Know Your Value, Seriously
  • Handling Praise and Criticism 
  • Learning "How to Seed". This Increases You Revenue Conversions by 2-4 times
  • Mastering The Funnel (Front End and Back End)
  • ​How To Master UPSELLING (Crucial for success) 
  • Power of CTA's and Incentives
  • ​How To Turn Raving Fans into Your Ambasator
  • 10 SIMPLEST WAY TO SUCCESS (If you just follow this one lesson it's all you need)

PDF DOWNLOADS: Numerous Handouts and teaching materials will be provided during the training. 


I NEED YOU, Seriously.

Breathwork is exploding and the demand for breathwork facilitators is off the charts. There's just not enough of us, yet. Therefore, I need you! I need more certified facilitators to help fulfill this demand that the people so desperately need. 

As Breathwork is rapidly becoming the new yoga right before our eyes, you have a golden opportunity to position yourself as one of the leaders, authorities, and pioneers of this powerful modality. By investing in becoming a Breathwork Detox Teacher now, you will be at the forefront of a BOOMING industry in dire need of more representation. You will be able to use your new skill set to go out into the world and help change lives and make money while doing it. Now what’s better than that? Seriously.

If you are on this page right now, then you have most definitely heard the call. Now your future self is counting on you to ANSWER THE CALL! Because opportunities are never missed, they are simply given to other people who had the courage to say YES even when they were unsure. 

Here's what NEWLY CERTIFIED teachers are saying...

Lizbeth, New York

Ivan, San Diego

Yvonne, Los Angeles

LuRae, Arizona

Candice, Los Angeles

Tara, Utah


Includes BOTH Level 1 and Level 2 (SPRING 2022)


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